Kiddies on First Child Care Centre chicken hatching program

June 16, 2018

Early learning chicken hatching program

To coincide with the meaning of Easter and ‘new life’ the educators at Kiddies on First Child Care Centre commenced a chicken hatching program.

Children will witness an egg hatching and watch the chick grow over two weeks. Educators will provide a variety of learning activities across all developmental areas.

Children will be encouraged to care for something smaller that themselves. In turn helping to shape them into caring and empathetic individuals.

A newly hatched chick

A new life is born from the egg. One of four in fact! Oscar named her Lola… Others are Dawn, Sparkle and Jackson.

Two chicks just hatched…The children named one Dawn, and the other Jackson… They are drying out in the incubator and will be transferred to their fellow chicks very soon!

Chicks resting after a big day at kindy

When all is quiet, the baby chicks snuggle together under the warm light. May they rest peacefully as they have endured a hard day at kindy…


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