Special learning experiences

At Kiddies on First the educators provide children with a variety of learning experiences that enhance growth and development. Educators encourage children to become involved learners and explore in a safe and supervised environment.

An example of one of our special learning experiences is the annual chick hatching program.

Annual chick hatching program

As part of our commitment to foster a respect and connection to nature and the enviornment  the educators program an annual chicken hatching experience. Children witness the life cycle of a chick. They watch tiny creatures emerge from eggs in an incubator that then dry out and become fluffy chicks. Children observe the new life and their growth.

The chicks are the basis of much conversation and both spontaneous and planned experiences. During the program children participate in creative art and movement activities, as well as cognitive, language, literacy, numeracy and science experiences.

Through the chicken hatching experience children are able to care and nurture a creature smaller than themselves. In turn, encouraging children to grow into caring, compassionate and empathetic adults that respect the world around them.


Italian Learning Experience

At Kiddies on First we believe that equipping a child with a second language will give them insight and appreciation into other cultures, develop creative thinking and build confidence. The educators have created a casual learning enviornment where children are exposed to one of the biggest languages in our community, Italian!. Children are learing how to greet one another “Ciao Buon giorno” , key words, songs, numbers and even colours!

We also now have access to the ELLA Digital  Learning Language App “Polyglots” Italian at no extra cost to families  https://www.ella.edu.au/static/pdf/ella_general_family_brochure.pdf

The best time to teach a child a second language is as they are learning the first one smile emoticon Check out some of our other resources!

11150877_827115757381637_9053737027411663579_nLets develop a passion for languages together!



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