Daniela wrote
Big thanks to Stephanie and the girls. My kids never wanted to participate in a Christmas concert before – in the previous daycare. David would panic with the idea of dancing in front of a crowd of people. I can’t express how happy we were to see both of them proudly participating and doing so well! We couldn’t be happier.

Megan wrote
Thankyou to all the educators for their amazing love and care for my son Zac. Their genuine affection is much appreciated and he loves to spend time with every one of them

Daniela wrote

Thanks to all the educators for all their support, fun and kindness that they demonstrate to my son Luca everyday.

Sally wrote:
We are very happy Sienna is at Kiddies on First. Stephanie is fantastic as is the team. Sienna is so happy and that means the world to us. Thank you!

Drishya/Jayant wrote:
We are very satisfied with the entire team of Kiddies on First. It is such a relief to leave your child in safe hands. Thank you Stephanie & the staff for your love & care. Drishya/Jayant

Kristina wrote:
The centre is a warm and welcoming place for children and parents. It feels like a big family home with an amazing team of carers. Stephanie and her girls do a fantastic job in making the kids feel safe, happy and loved. I have spent a lot of time at the centre with my second child. She was too young to stay with her older sister but way to excited to leave. I could experience first hand how the carers helped every child settle in, taking part in activities and cuddle them when they were upset. When she finally was old enough to stay as well, I couldn’t be any happier and confident in choosing this lovely centre. I do highly recommend this centre!

Leanne Fernandes wrote:
We moved from Victoria 12 mths ago and away from family who used to assist with care for my youngest who was four at the time. He was and still is, quite a sensitive child who needs to feel secure and comfortable. From the minute I walked into Kiddies on First I knew it was the perfect environment for him. Stephanie was so welcoming and I had just dropped in with no appointment. My mum was with me and we were so happy, we enrolled immediately. All the staff are absolutely amazing and know how to cater for each child’s personality. Marly has blossomed since attending Kiddies on First and is now so confident and proud of himself with all the new accomplishments that he has learnt. I highly recommend this centre and cannot speak highly enough of Stephanie, the staff and the other families who attend.

Angelique Assariotakis wrote:
Both my children Kalliya and Andre have attended Kiddies on First for several years and they absolutely love going. It is such a wonderful and safe environment, the staff are so caring and friendly and it is such a homely atmosphere. I highly recommend this child care and would rate it 10/10.

Yvonne Macleay wrote:
Our son Hamish has been at Kiddies on First since February 2013. We arrived from Scotland only a few weeks before that. Stephanie and the girls made us all feel so welcome and included from the very start, they made Hamish(and our) settling in very easy. The kindness and warmth in this Day care is amazing. Hamish loves it and we are so happy that he feels safe , secure and happy when he is there. He has made a lot of friends and this has definetely been the best find in Austailia by far!!!!!!! I would highly recommend this day care and would rate it as 10 out of 10!!!

Catherine wrote:
I have had my daughter attending Kiddies on First for the last two years under the guidance of Stephanie and her staff. I cannot say enough about these amazing carers. They make every child feel comfortable and happy from the time they walk in the door of a morning. For my daughter who is going onto primary school next year they have been preparing those children from the beginning of the year with work sheets, lunchbox days, the telling of news to their peers and signing in of their names. I feel that Stephanie has created just the right stepping stone for my daughter to be ready for school whilst still having a lovely time. I would recommend this centre highly.

Narelle Horton wrote:
My daughter has been attending Kiddies on First for over six months, two days per week. She gets very excited in the morning on the days she attends and helps me pack her bag so she is ready to go. She has made a bunch of lovely friends and enjoys all the activities and facilities i.e multiple play areas and the sandpit! A massive part of her enjoyable experience is the warm and nurturing staff. As a parent is it reassuring that you are leaving your child with such wonderful, caring people who provide fun and stimulating activities. We are incredibly happy with the centre and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending it to others.

Maria Provvidente wrote:
My Son and Daughter have been attending now for almost a year. They are always made to feel welcome and safe. Stephanie and all the staff go out of their way to engage the children in things they are interested in. There is no high turn over of staff which is a sign that the staff are very professional and enjoy working there. They are always enthusiastic and give you a lot of feedback. I highly recommend this centre.

Rebecca McDonald wrote:
My husband and I are extremely satisfied with Kiddies on First ELC. Our son has adjusted to day care so well and I really do attribute this to Stephanie and her team. They are a great team, lead by a fabulous woman, who genuinely cares for each of the children. The centre is small and family orientated – the perfect combination of loving attention and learning is provided. Knowing that we drop off our son to such a warm environment makes it an easier task. This is not just a business like so many centres I have visited. I also really appreciate the encouragement of family involvement. I am able to stay and engage in some craft at drop off, can stay and read with the children and even let our younger son explore and have cuddles with the educators. Everyday Lachie comes home with new art and crafts and stories about his jam packed day. Thanks Steph, Chantelle, Alex and Tamara!

Kylie wrote:
Stephanie and her team are a amazing. They are welcoming to the children and the parents. Each week my two come home with new information that they have learned. The centre has a fantastic feel to it. I know when I leave my two they are safe, cared for and in a clean centre.

Daniella Storm wrote:
This centre is my daughter’s home away from home. She loves all of the carers, all of the other children, sleeps well there, eats well, does loads of fun activities and art work and comes home happy and healthy everyday. I love the relaxed, small environment and the individual care and attention she receives. Highly recommend.

Mel French wrote:
My son has been attending Kiddies on first for the last 2 years and we have been so impressed with the level of care, brilliant staff and of course the lovely Stephanie. They are nurturing, caring and so willing cater for the needs of each individual child. We have seen Cooper become a confident and happy little boy who loves his “school”, friends and learning. I couldnt think of anywhere i would rather send my kids… absolutely the perfect choice!!

Tanya wrote:
My son loves his pre-school and so do I! Stephanie is one of the most enthusiastic and warm centre leaders I have known. Chantelle, Alex and Tamara are wonderful carers and each brings a great and different energy to the kids. My son is nurtured socially and emotionally, really well looked after (and well fed!) and is learning a huge range of academic and life skills. All the staff are really observant and receptive to the needs and interests of the kids and are very creative in building learning opportunities out of the childrens’ interests. It is obvious every day that my son is happy and thriving in this fabulous centre!

Amie Ziino wrote:
This centre is a fantastic place. My little girl is here 4 days a week and loves every morning when I tell her it’s time to go to “school”. All the staff are wonderful and amazing and do an incredible job with her and she is non verbal. It’s a fantastic environment for little ones in my opinion. There is no segregation of children based on whether or not they are toilet trained… and the staff are warm and caring and are always happy to share things that my little one has done during the day when I go to pick her up. This day care centre in the Five Dock area is the best Child Care/Early Learning Centre.

Jennifer wrote:
This is the first centre I have entrusted the care of my child with and my initial impression from the staff and facilities was excellent. I am so pleased by the level of empathy and genuine care and concern they demonstrated toward my child. From what I witnessed all the children were treated equally and attention was demonstrated to promote their individual needs as well. I am so pleased with my decision to enrol my child in their care and would highly recommend 🙂

El Doherty wrote:
I am very pleased with this centre and I highly recommend it. Not only are they able to cater for my little 2 year old with several food allergies, they know how to entertain and educate him too. With all the allegies my son has, I was a bit concerned about leaving him at childcare at such a young age, but Stephanie the director has shown me she genuinely cares and is more than capable – She has made a lot of effort to cater for his special needs while ensuring he fits in and feels welcomed. I know my son loves it there too because he’s never desperate to go home when I go pick him up.

Elena wrote:
I have heard a lot of stories from my friends about their kids not adopting a child care and being sick every other week and I was really worried that my little one may have the same problems. I have visited all the childcare centres in the Five Dock area to see my options. Finally I have chosen the Kiddies on First as it was the most caring and friendly place for my baby, and I will never regret that. This childcare has “open door” policy that allows parents to stay with their children as long as needed, and I visited the centre together with my kid every day for the whole first week to make her transition as smooth as possible. The childcare used to be a part of other company and became a separate entity recently; it did not affect the highest quality of the service at all, nothing has changed. The educators Alexandra, Shantelle, Tamara are great, the centre director Stephanie is the most pleasant business lady I have ever seen. She has a personal approach for every child and parent. Their Italian food is yummy. My baby girl have got a lot of new skills since she started coming to the Kiddies on First. She leaned to eat with a fork and spoon, dance, make a bed, play musical instruments, sing and draw. She made many new friends there. Time in childcare is very beneficial for her, and despite of any negative experience my friends had, my girl has adopted a new environment very well with no stress and no constant sickness. She is very happy there. Even on weekend mornings my baby gets her kindy princess bag with her belongings and knock the entry door so she could go to the kindy. The children happiness and wellbeing are the values that I respect the most and this childcare respect the same values. I am absolutely positive I make a right choice and my baby is in safe hands.

Suzanna Park wrote:
My daughter Sasha enjoys attending Kiddies on First and she loves all of the carers at the centre as they are lively, happy, caring and nurturing. Since returning for the second year at age 4, I have been impressed with the level of learning material provided in an easy going and fun manner. Also, it’s a smaller centre which allows for closer interaction with the children. Lovely environment for little people.

Christie Mokotupu wrote:
After travelling with our son from the age of 2 to 4 he started just before his 4th birthday and was very traumatised and very unsettled and scared with going to other preschools we tried while travelling and in Sydney so after looking online I found kiddie kapers which is now Kiddies on first run by the amazing Stephanie! which sounded like the intimate environment I wanted for my son. He loved his four weeks before the year ended and after returning this year we had the same problem from travelling and he missed the first two months and came back upset at the idea of going to preschool here after trying overseas again. His first day he cried so much and I was really losing hope because he would cry all the way in the car for the last two months when I tried overseas that we stopped trying but Stephanie and her amazing staff turned that around instantly. By the end of week and still to this day he asks Mrs Stephanie if he can come back tomorrow? He loves his preschool so much we went from 3 to 4 days and as a parents to see that transformation and dedication and happiness in him makes us feel glad in the choice of our early learning centre to prepare our son for school next year. He is an only child and was not used to being around other children but he now has friends and a girlfriend! and really socialises well thanks to the teachers constant attention to his needs for improvement everyday. All the teachers update me constantly which I love and really have a tough job which they make look so easy. Santo and I are very proud of Stephanie, Chantelle, alex, Tamara and all the staff that fill my sons day and education with fun in forms of song, dance, writing, counting, baking, gardening, painting etc. Thank you so much ladies you truly are appreciated and gifted with what you do. Looking forward to continuing the experience until he starts school. Santo and Christie, Corado’s parents.



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